My Field Trip

My Field Trip


                                   At school, I went on a 3-day 2-night field trip to Mission Springs. When I reached school on the day of the field trip, my teacher told me that the buses were getting late. I had to go inside the classroom. Finally, the buses arrived and I put my luggage inside. All the fifth graders started to leave.


                              By the time we reached Mission Springs, it was already 11:30 on Wednesday .I was anxiously waiting to know whom I would stay with in my cabin. When I was told that I was with my friend (Kesav), I was very happy. After that I ate lunch and was assigned to a naturalist named Kim. My friend Apporv was also assigned to Kim. First, we went to a creek with her. She asked us if we thought it was a healthy creek or not. We tested the water temp. and if it had enough O2 for organisms to survive. We

searched for organisms and actually found some. We looked at them on a video microscope. Then we had dinner and recess. Lastly, we had a campfire. In the campfire we heard lots of songs and watched lots of skits.


                       On Thursday, we went to a rock climbing place. We had to hike two hours to get there. During the hike, Kim saw a Banana slug and put it on my nose for 10 seconds. It felt very slimy on my nose. At the rock climbing place I was first in line. After Kim strapped me into the harness I started climbing. My goal was to reach the top and ring the bell on the top of the wall. I tried and actually touched the top in 1minute 10 seconds!!! Then we ate lunch which was a vegetarian hot-dog. We learnt how to use a compass and what all you need when you go camping. We ate dinner and went on a night hike too. At one point, we were not allowed to use our flashlights. Kim walked on a trail for 5 minutes by herself and we had to walk to her just by using the moonlight. After all of us reached her, she showed us some constellations.


                   On Friday, we just played some fun games like charades and team trust. In the team trust, you have to close your eyes and hold onto the person in front of you. The first person is the only one who can open their eyes. Then we were all set to go home. Clearly, this was an unforgettable experience.


                                                                                                                                                                  Akshith Narayanan                  


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  1. Sharadha Says:

    Hi Akshith..seems like you had lot of fun and learning..great job . A good write up and great share for us!! thank you dude!

  2. vvyas Says:

    Hi Akshith,

    Thanks for sharing.. reminded me about my childhood days back in Tamilnadu, India. Nicely narrated adventure. Neatly and clearly presented…Keep it coming!!


  3. Murali Says:

    That is a very interesting narrative. I wish I had been to such trips during my school days. If you have any pictures please to upload them. What microbes did you find in the water. Was it cold in the night. How did you guys manage.

    Is it your first trip away from your family? How did you manage. Please do write

  4. Vyas Says:

    Awesome! Was it cold? We have to go on a camping trip (in March, and it will snow)at school. How was your cabin? What constellations disd you see? Hope you had fun!

    Write back soon,


  5. kaustubh Says:

    Very good story. Very adventurous. When I went to camp my experiance. Was like yours. Keep writing!

  6. Saketh Says:

    I never knew you had a blog!! Anyways, nice writing about Mission Springs.

    Saketh Kurnool 🙂

  7. Justin Says:

    Cool, I just think that you shouldn’t include names.

  8. Vyas Says:

    That was very very nice. When I went to calwood, we got to climb a mountain, and see colorado native animals.

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