“I Am”

I am Akshith Naraayanan

I wonder why so many people are cruel

I hear  my best friend congratulating me after I win a tournament

I see a child bullying another one for the fun out of it

I want peace to come to the world

I am a caring person


I pretend that I can stop all of the bad things in the world

I feel the trophy I win in a karate tournament

I touch a new born baby hoping for the child to have a good life

I worry that there will not be enough water for my children when I grow up

 I cry whenever my brother gets hurt very badly or insulted

I am a determined person


I understand that not all people are as lucky as me when it comes to life and homes

I say that everyone in the world should be treated equally

I dream that all Native Americans will be given back their homes

 I try new things everyday

I hope that the world will be a good place for the future

I am Akshith Narayanan

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  2. Akahith Says:

    Did anyone find this

  3. Yoda Says:

    WOW Akshith!!! Awesome. 🙂

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