Attending Theory Classes Can Be Fun At Times

I saw “3 Idiots” the movie the other day & was reminded of some priceless comments by my college professors:

” Both of you three come here”. Please Prof. do you want 2 people or 3?

” I expect students who want to do a project under me to know 3 computer languages: C, C+ & C++”. Please Prof. where do they teach C+ ?

And the ultimate:

“As it is concerned, considering this one for instance that one, I can able to say that this one is wrong…”. Understood anything? Neither did we & this was a part of a lecture by Prof. B.T. Patil. He had many more priceless statements like this in his lectures. Finally our college students decked up one final year student (when they are most immune from being reprimanded) in a thick beard, which would have made Osama Bin Laden proud, & put him on stage as a part of a skit. The story of the skit was that the sandalwood smuggler Veerappan is sought to be caught. The government sends the police, which fails; then they send the paramilitary, which also fails; so they come up with the ultimate weapon Dr. B.T. Qatil (Qatil means murderer). He goes to the forest & starts lecturing Veerappan who being unable to bear the pain of his class surrenders.

Just goes on to show that sometimes theory classes are not meant to catch up on lost sleep & just listening can be fun (though you understand nothing)

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  1. Murali Says:

    Did not know how I missed it. Hillarious

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