A Sting of Captures Tales of Arania The World of Mirogania

                                                                                                     What you are about to read, will most likely endanger you. If youkeep on reading this, it will consume you. You will BE trapped in the Void.  And belive me, you don’t want to be there. Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.

    My name is Arean. I live in a coruptn which the Aranian government Capitol, Mirogania. I live in Arania, a place that is corrupt, a country, that is led by our very corrupt leader. Dr. Jestoaun  Mileanan. Our story here, begins .  When a remaing of the Reming Mair, a small group of people trying to over throw the government; Kara, Will, and Jess try to take a very valuable item, The Mhai sword, and an egg. “Leader Will you are being to rash, there are guards everwhere, and could be caught any moment,” said Kara. “I know what I’m doing,”. The three sprinted down the staircase, that went from the Grand Safe to the Great hall. It was all with stone. There were fire lit tourches everywhere. The kept on running down the Winding staircase… “Not so fast, Will,”. I have plans for you. “Jess, take the items”! Jess and Kara escaped, and the world went back

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  1. Vyas Says:

    The third line is the next chapter. The second is the name of the series. /the first is the name of the current chapter

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