Presidential Politics

It takes another presidential election for me to wake up from the sleep. Unlike 2004, I am not confused about my choice this time. McCain was a great man whose presidential campaign was derailed by a wrong choice for VP nomination. I was confident that McCain would have stood against  radical elements in his party. I am not so sure about Governar Romney. While being Rich is not a disqualification, not having clue about life of an ordinary american is. I am worried that Romeny’s prescription of capitalism as an answer for all shortcomings in a society is the right medicine for the American middleclass.

Does it mean that the President has done everything right?  I do not think so. I do not believe so. I believe the presidents politics has not mastered the fundamental rule of engagement that you should negotiate from strength. Just good will alone  is not enought to bring people to table. There needs to be enough politicking, However he was given a very difficult situation and he has done a good job. The same people who created the mess with tax breaks, war and recession now claim that the economy tanked during this term is bogus. The US economy did very well when compared to most of the western world. It is a global recession and we are doing ok when compared to rest of the world. The same people whos’s primary goal was to Deny the president a second term ( remember not improving the economy, helping people etc etc.. just denying the president second term) claiming that we have not made any progress is immoral.

However not everyone of President’s policies make sense. There are lots of great tax reformation ideas that are being over looked. In a series of blogs I would write about my take on various policies. I am sure most of middle america would agree. May be it is time for a ” Amercian Prosperity Party”

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