Ramesh Ji .. Auditor Ramesh

Killing of Auditor Ramesh  was very shocking. A person whom I have not met in last 17 years, but he has left a very positive impact on him. I knew him as Ramesh ji from RSS. When I met him first he had just finished college and was pursuing his CA. A person who was always smiling, always willing to help and was a good role model for lots of kids like me who otherwise would have wasted our evenings away. He was very active in RSS even then. He was a very  soft very likeable gentleman.

Thinking of that old Gang of Lakshmi, Giridhar, Satish, Chandru , Durai, Rajendar, Kumar , Ravi , Uday kumar ji and I am sure that I am missing few other names.  Due to passage of time, relocations ,lack of face book and mobile phones we had drifted apart. However those days and their friendship is still fresh in memory.

 I am sure if Ramesh ji is still around he would not have missed a beat in recognizing us and show the same warmth he showed us when we were teen agers. Ramesh ji let your soul rest in peace.

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