Elections – 2014

I am pretty excited about the Indian elections this year. Not because this is the biggest democratic exercise in the world. Not because the Election Commission is doing a commendable job and acts of booth capturing are becoming things of the past. But because this election is changing the conversation and what people are voting for.

There is one major underlying theme in this election, ” Administration and Accountability” with two branches. At first it may not be apparent but both Modi and Kejrawal and two side of this theme.

Modi: Represents the choice for good governance and Growth.
Kejrawal : Represents accountability and transparency. ( He has no history to show good governance)

People are asked to vote for someone who promises to create opportunity for people to get better life. Not jobs, not subsidies but opportunities. This election is all about whether to elect Modi as the PM.  If Modi is successful then this election will fundamentally change the election scene in India.

1. In all future elections coalitions and parties would be forced to project their PM candidates

2. The conversation would change towards better governance and opportunities rather than religion and caste

3. If Rahul Gandhi manages to lead congress without being in power for a decade, it would groom him to be a better leader. Will he bring term limits as part of revamping congress?. If congress comes out of the clutches of the Nehru family then it would be even better. But I currently believe that Rahul is a decent guy and a better option when compared to lots of other alternatives. ( Disclaimer: I was a big big fan of Rajiv Gandhi, and I still love him.  )

4. If Aam Admi party wins even 20 seats in major metros, it implies the educated middle class has woken up and would be a warning to parties that they cannot take people for granted.

If Modi wins  then BJP and Modi have a great responsibility to lead the whole country. They need to shun people who want all those who oppose them to goto Pakistan. They need to shun sloagans like ” Bring Modi and chase Muslims”.  Any missteps would break the fabric of India. However a good governance and inclusive government that does not pitch one community against another, but creates opportunity for everyone to have a good life would strengthen this great country and what we all stand for ” Live and let other live”

A good strong democratic India is good for the region and good for the world. I am eager to hear the voice of India..:-)

– 11th May 2014 ( on the eve of the last  phase of Indian Loksabha election)

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