Human Genome , Tamil , Adam and Eve

Two completely unrelated documentaries got me thinking about our roots and ancestors. One was about  Cameroonians Speak Tamil ( . The other one is a documentary in netflix ” National Geographic: The Human Family Tree. 

When I watched the you tube video earlier this year, it  did not mean much. The completely unrelated NG video gave a different twist to it. They claimed that people with similar DNA speak similar languages. They rationalized based on genomic studies and the fact that languages are something that we learn from our ancestors. Combine these details with patterns of  human migration from Africa to the rest of the world, it suddenly makes sense. We probably would find more commonality between languages along this route.

It was also interesting on how all our genetic finger print leads to one scientific Adam and Eve. ( it is not exactly the same.. just hit the pause button before you become a believer)

I would recommend both videos to anyone remotely interested in anthropology. It is educational and interesting. We have more in common than what we know.

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