Tamil Vs Tamil Nadu — Is death of Tamil inevitable?

WARNING:  If you are not a Tamilian then you can skip this message. Will make no sense…. 

This has been bugging me for a long time. In one of those govt building in Anna Salai, near Saidapet in Chennai you can see a Board that implies .. If you improve and strengthen Tamil then Tamil Nadu will become strong.. Tamil Valarnthal Tamilzagam valarum ( Sorry do not now how use Tamil fonts in word-press yet)

Looks like we got it completely wrong. I often ponder why did I attempted to learn English, Hindi , German and French. Why so many people are learning Chinese, Japanese etc. I remember friends who studied Russian and went to Russia to study Engineering and Medicine.  Why is there so much Foreign investment in India now that was not there 20 years earlier?

We need to improve Tamil Nadu, encourage innovation and make it such an important economic and technology hub that people from various parts of the world come here to do business. If the people who control money, technology and have the key to prosperity,  conduct business in a particular  language then everyone who wants to do deal them will learn that language.

Ask why did veerama munivar learnt Tamil. Why did early Christian missionaries and visitors from China learnt Tamil.

Nowadays Even ordinary people speak Tamil with 40% of English words and most of high tech educati0n is being taught in English. Is death of Tamil inevitable?

To revive Tamil I believe we need to revive Tamil Nadu to the forefront of world economy. Not as a service provider but as a land where new ideas are nurtured and new products are invented.

With the risk of being misunderstood I say that we should have the same economic dominance as those days of Raja Raja Chola…  What do you think?

Note: My friends who speak other languages. It is ok for us all to think this way becasue Every one will try to reach glory on their hard work and brain power. Not at the expense of others.
Nee Yenda entha blog a Tamilla eluthalinu ketkatheenga. Ennum kathukkala thaliva. Tamilayum Eluthuven. Tamil la mattum thaneluthuvenu adam pidikka matten

9 Responses to “Tamil Vs Tamil Nadu — Is death of Tamil inevitable?”

  1. Ranganathan Says:

    our piece on the status of Tamil language was good.
    But, think about this. Even if Tamilnadu leads the world in economic activities, it is not necessary that outsiers will learn Tamil since Tamilinas know their language and communication is not a problem. Probably, that is why it is empahsised that all technical information must be translated into Tamil. What we really need is a shift from the obsesion with Tamil literature, Tamils’ hoary heritage etc. and give a boost to the technically sound people through wider publicity to them through the electronic media. These people must be projectd as the face of Tamilnadu. We can easily beat the world leaders in many technical areas. We are not taking pride in them and inroducing those people. Instead, we see the same faces who can make a good “pattimanram”, or actors, or literateurs ae more familar faces rather than those who have challenged the world and brought the indutries and technologies here.

  2. K.A.Singhal Says:

    I feel that Tamilnadu can rise if we forget the language issue. Today, language is not very important.

  3. Murali Says:

    Agree whole heartedly that language is not a big deal when we look at issues of poverty, education, class differences. They need to be addressed. However as a person one of my key identities is that I am a Tamilian. My language, my culture and my people define me and my generation who they are where they have come from. We have to find a way to preserve this identity without becoming a victim to language politics that yields nothing tangilbe to the wellfare and upliftment of people.

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