Dear Apple

May 6th, 2012

Dear Apple,
How do you do?
The products you make are
Amazing on so many levels.

Your company is a
Great, stupendous, awesome
Amazing company.
How do you do it?

Steve jobs was great
But a new Generation has arrived!
Show them that you can
Continue Apples’s Legacy

You guys will win the war
Apple is living proof
That craziness and Zen
Will beat normal and clunky.

So you see Tim/Ghost of Steve Jobs,
Apple will win
There is no way it can’t
Good for you

If you didn’t get it,
Apple is the best.
It will win

Vyas — An apple admirer

As good as your team

May 6th, 2012

Over many years I have learnt that a leader can only be as good as a team. England Patriots coach Bill Billicheck was once asked, ” How aggressive and dynamic will your offense be this year?”. He  replied , “My offense will be as good as the composition of my team allows me to be”. I kept thinking about his response for a long time but never comprehended it fully till now.

It took me a long time to build my team. I hand picked employees and contingent workers over a period of time and had the luck of being handed some excellent people. I rode success based on some excellent work by my trusted people and I kept them happy and together.  Difficult times were few and far between and never bothered me.

In recent past I took a role that was more of an individual contributor. I no longer have my  old team to support me but use other teams and consultants to get the job done.  Suddenly I find being challenged more. Difficult times in projects seem to be happening more often. I keep second guessing my leadership instincts. 

Now I comprehend what Bill Billicheck meant with his response. I am only as good as my team more now that I could no longer take the teams performance for granted.  As a leader you constantly coach, learn and adjust your style and level of engagement. I am learning more about mgmt and influencing in this role and glad that I came out of my comfort zone to try this.

Strange Feelings

May 1st, 2012

Sometines in life, you get a gut feeling.. like this does not smell right or I am feeling worried but do not know why.. It all started with me dropping the phone and breaking the screen. Then started late almost hit a car at the airport and dropped my bag in the concurse. I took a moment to reflect on what was going on.. Attributed it to my state of mind and rubbed it off. Took a deep breath slowed down and started focusing on my activities.

As I reached work got the real jolt. Bad news over bad news from projects. Had to rein in the team and do damage control. Next 10 days were so stressful. Now having mostly managed out of the situation, wondering whether me dropping the phone, bag etc were really leading indicators — Not sure but superstition  in me keeps raising that question … Don’t want to run scared all the time though.

Anna & Lokpal bill

August 19th, 2011

It sounds great. My question is what is the check and balance on lokpal body? Who will govern and guide a body with such power. How will they be elected? Who will they be answerable to and how do you measure their effectiveness.It is great… But do not want to create a monster that we cannot tame. What we need is integrity becoming part of Indian. Psych and fabric. We need to start with kids. How many of us will stay away from giving bribe to get work done faster?I knew a person Niamath who was traveling in public transportation for 6 months because it took him that long to have his car registered in t.nadu from Andra. He refused to pay and waited that long? Do we have it in us?What is needed is transforming ourselves from opportunists into idealists. That kind of idealism is possible only with young bright minds. That is why Dr.A.P.J kalam was inspiring children to dream and make india great. It is indeed a shame that we could not accept such people even in a ceremonial position. Who succeeded him? Where was this anger then?Each one of us need to become a Gandhian in principle.. Can you?  Think about it.I am not proud of my answer…

Ultimate positive approach

June 14th, 2011


This Bribe makes sense

April 10th, 2011

The whole state is having a festive look  and gifts are being distributed freely. Yes… It is election time again in Tamil Nadu.  Politicians are either giving money now or promising future gifts as an exchange for the vote. This practice of gifts for vote undermines the democracy and we should be ashamed of the same. 

The idea of providing good quality education to all children of Tamil Nadu irrespective of economic strata has been a day dream. It has become a mirage for thousands of children from economically deprived parts of the state. It would have remained the same for another 100 years, but for this election. There is a real possibility of this changing and the mirage becoming a reality. This freebie is very fundamental and is an investment for the future. It could revolutionalise the technical landscape of T.Nadu in the next 5-10 years. I won’t be surprised if T.Nadu becomes the hotbed for tech startups and mobile technology.

One of the disadvantages for children from economically deprived background is access to quality educators, tools and information about possibilities and preparation. The promise of free laptop to all high school children could revolutionize education. This enables the children to get all the help they need from resources across the globe. The web sphere is full of education materials and can be perennial source of knowledge for an inquisitive mind. This could open their eyes and mind to new world and universe of possibilities. Young minds are full of ideas that can solve very many issues of India where 80% of population live. 

Access to free computing power at the cusp of mobile computing revolution will enable these kids to experiment and bring their vision and dreams to reality. As one of the founders of Quadrobay, which is focusing on bridging the educational gap, I am really excited about possibilities. The secret sauce missing from this recipe is internet access. The government should give free wireless internet access to all villages and small towns. Hope we do not need to wait till next elections for that.

Welcome 2011

January 3rd, 2011

Glad it is 2011 we have welcomed it in typical tamilian style, watching movies. Could not really believe that 2010 is already over. I am not a big believer in making resolutions and awaiting New Year for new beginnings. However the last year had been very challenging and pretty educating. I learnt that there are some more important traits than  hard work , loyalty, ability to produce results and sincerity.  There are no high grounds or right or wrong actions. Irrespective of what happens the spin mechanics are very important.

I keep thinking of the saying ‘ The Empire does not have permanent friends or enemies. It has only permanent interests.”

I have never trained to be street smart or politically savy. I walk with my heart on my slevees. In 2011, I am becoming a student again. Student of life. May be I will get my point upgrade this year. Version 2010 wasn’t all that effective.

What about your upgrade? Are you on track? 

Hardwork is overrated…..

November 2nd, 2010

I am often reminded of the importance of hard work. Work hard be sincere etc etc.. I think the importance of hard work in success is overrated.. Hold on.. Before you shout let me make it clear. I am not saying that hard work is not needed. All I am saying is that the importance of hard work is overrated. Every one is working hard. You will be hard pressed to find a person who is not giving more than 100% in IT to the task in hand. Is every one equally successful?

Apart from luck what else is different? Think about it.

Does it matter

November 2nd, 2010

Good to be back here. It has been a long time since I posted . One would expect me to come here more often for the amt of money I spend to keep the site going. Quadrobay and work has been keeping me busy. But today there is something in my mind that I would like to share.

What is important Math, Science, Hisotry etc, etc or English, people skills and Style with which you carry yourself. If you ask anyone who is trying to climb the corporate ladder then what do you think the answer will be?

I wonder why they stressed so much on hard skills and ignored people skills @ school.   Does style rule over the substance more often than not?

A Sting of Captures Tales of Arania The World of Mirogania

July 16th, 2010

                                                                                                     What you are about to read, will most likely endanger you. If youkeep on reading this, it will consume you. You will BE trapped in the Void.  And belive me, you don’t want to be there. Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.

    My name is Arean. I live in a coruptn which the Aranian government Capitol, Mirogania. I live in Arania, a place that is corrupt, a country, that is led by our very corrupt leader. Dr. Jestoaun  Mileanan. Our story here, begins .  When a remaing of the Reming Mair, a small group of people trying to over throw the government; Kara, Will, and Jess try to take a very valuable item, The Mhai sword, and an egg. “Leader Will you are being to rash, there are guards everwhere, and could be caught any moment,” said Kara. “I know what I’m doing,”. The three sprinted down the staircase, that went from the Grand Safe to the Great hall. It was all with stone. There were fire lit tourches everywhere. The kept on running down the Winding staircase… “Not so fast, Will,”. I have plans for you. “Jess, take the items”! Jess and Kara escaped, and the world went back